About Cosmic Oxygen

      • Cosmic Oxygen is a singer, dancer, songwriter, music producer, and music video producer. She collaborates with a multitude of music producers and other artists to write, compose and produce original works. Cosmic Oxygen is known for the single, "Be My Passion" by C o s m i C ^ O x y g e N, produced by Glenn Tvedt in Bergen. Prior to that, she released the single, "Don't Stop Believin'" featuring Francesca Strano Tvedt (a well-known Norwegian vocalist). She is collaborating on an upcoming project called L.O.V.E with Prodigal Sunn.

        Cosmic Oxygen was born and raised in Bergen, Norway, where she demonstrated a great passion for music from an early age. She began playing the violin at nine years old, later joining an orchestra and spending some time as a street musician. By eleven, Cosmic Oxygen advanced her love of singing in a more professional direction, joining a choir and later recording her first studio demo one year later. She went on to appear in a TV commercial at age fourteen for the Swedish candy company, Malaco (portraying the part of a girl falling in love with a boy). Cosmic Oxygen was also a featured vocalist on her mother's classical music album and additionally appeared in its TV commercial.

        As an entertainer, Cosmic Oxygen took her talents beyond singing, adding dance to complement her work. She won the 1997/98 West County Championship in Break Dance / Disco Dance at age fifteen in Bergen. She then went on to win another Bergen program, "Stars In The Rain" in Zachariasbryggen a year later, having performed her first original song, "This Is The Way". Her second original song, "Another Dimension", won "Summer Bergen 2000" and helped launch her recording career. Cosmic Oxygen wrote and recorded three original works titled, "This is the Way", "Coming for Your Love" and "Beside Me" at Shimmer Recordings in Bergen. In 2001, she was selected to perform on Zap Partys featuring song and dance. She traveled with Zap around Norway performing her songs and accompanying many well-known artists. She has danced on stage for many world-renowned DJ's.

        In 2015, she started training at Defence Lab with Hollywood fight consultant Andy Norman.

        Cosmic Oxygen's main focus at present is music producing, music video producing, singing, songwriting, Dj, acting, filming, and DefenceLab. She has an passionate interest in music and filmmaking based on truth, love and justice. She welcomes opportunities that promote creativity of positive storytelling through the collaboration of music creators, epic industry talent and writers as wish to promote a good "message of truth".
        Author: Andy Norman